My very own Elsa


two cups of coffee, a shabby song playing, we didn’t pay much attention to that tough, we were too busy talking, as she streamed the details about her day, what did i do? i just stared to try to comprehend her inextricable words.

“i really thought that he was the one” she said to me, as i stared into her eyes in the candle lights ( the lights were cut off our area, part of our daily capitalism) i saw a golden soul being discarded for silver, see my darling don’t listen to what they told you, who you are inside is the only judge and jury of your actions, it is not the hardship that stroke you, but how you bend them.

“he made me live, anticipate and dream again, rethink marriage, maybe a family, he rebuilt my self-trust, he renovated my slenderness, rejuvenated my youth” ,  her youth,like a pale winter rose, ever so beautiful through it’s own virtuosity, laid with the speckles of November rain.

it is hard not to loose yourself when you plug to someone else’s , and still try not wander too far, why do we always follow the rabbit, why does enchanting souls has to get lost in a wonderland, before they can ever discover who they really are?

“i felt him leave, he didn’t leave yet, but i felt his heart forget mine, i felt him betray the touch of my hand” , when you meet someone, betrayal for most us includes physical contact, yet betrayal starts with the slightest thought of a foreign body.

i believe in that winter rose, that golden soul, i believe she will find her way, and if she doesn’t on her own, i will always be there to show her the way, and when i have none, i’ll guide her home.

who is that winter rose?

she is onto which i lean , my frozen love, my sister, my very own Elsa.


Author: malak94abouras

i never asked to love the words, they have loved me and i have then fallen

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