just like the sun

While I was preforming my daily coffee and book ritual, word by word I lost interest in tracking what the author’s been illustrating, by then I had traveled to another world…

st.patrick street

Cork Ireland, seven pm, down from the longitudinal window you can see the yellow lights from the shops, streets occupied by people and drizzles, hardly anything was out of shape, the usual contralto coming from a flat nearby, not the day to be out for me, and so I made myself a cup of black low sugared coffee   -my usual- and sat with a book in hand facing the window, he quietly entered and swift his way towards me thinking he would sweep a silent kiss, unknowingly the crimping of the grocery bags had given him away, his figure on the window glass illuminated before me as he came closer, to fulfill his plot I went on reading like he was never there till I felt the warmth of his breath pilfering the air around my neck, I gave off a dingy smile as he kissed me and asked how I was doing, before I could finish my sentence, he complemented the way the sunset’s flirted around my cheeks, while we were both enchanted by the rays of blue and violets I watched him half shadowed by the remnants of the sun light.

He had a solemn smile contemplated by the seriousness of his eyes; I can see the fire swirl within his eyes as he reached for my hand, feeling safer and safer as he got closer, the world suddenly became an acceptable place, my mind never had it stop searching but now, why must it be love that the world strive for, where there is love there is hate, where there is hate there is anger, where there is anger no soul can really thrive, it has no ground, I am more convinced that it is peace of mind which we strive for and thrive on, one who you can be yourself with is who brings peace of mind, and with it comes a soft ease, which itself lifts the fog off one’s soul, a moment of purity, no care In the world, nothing can stain it, with that moment comes a taste of safety, which we linger on and strive for to last.

Yet still safety is never assured and with its gradual increase comes the fear of loss, fear one can’t succumb to when there is love, it has been quite the pendulum to know what aspect of life that brings our enormity to permanence, at the clasp of his arms I got a sense of something that seemed impregnable, like the world is a better place again, the sun had completely disappeared now, the lights from the shops shone stronger, the room around us got darker, as if it’s confirming our intentions concealed within our heads, the glass covered in mist, the clouds outside gathering in obeisance, at  the sight of that I have known if the sun can once rise and yet still need the time to set for the mist and clouds to chance their appearance, so as such I’ll chance the loss of safety for a moment of prosperity.


Author: malak94abouras

i never asked to love the words, they have loved me and i have then fallen

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