Beauty in Diversity


the light of the flash was too strong for my eyes, yet i could still see the fornicated chivalry in their faces, i bet if someone drops dead right now none will know how to even stutter an English word.
that camera girl with the flash again, i’d like to show her one or two about photography and the art of not annoying people while you are at it, i kept reminding myself “i’m not here as a photographer, i’m here developing my other passion “English “.
we sat horizontally on armchairs, the instructors table at our right, the educational center was one of those centers where you feel like home, a place where you can be sure you’ll meet all kinds of like-minded people who soon after would become friends, and that what exactly happened.

as I was ticking the questions one by one, I tried to ignore the flash girl – I terribly failed – I finished ticking the questions, handed the paper to a man who reminded me of something or someone warm, i’m not sure that’s the right word to describe him, he was like the sight of a willow tree playing hide and seek with an autumnal wind, a faint smile was always drawn on his face, filling the room with his obeisance, i’v later known that his name was Ali and he was one of the instructors, an interpreter.
i’v always seen people for who they are, in my eyes people had no faces only their heartily inflicted nature, a snake sees a human as red luminescence, a cluster of fear and despair,  it sees no faces and so it discriminates none, i’m not saying i’d bite you if i sense you as a false nature, i’m just exclaiming the abstract. “it’s a talent” Ayoub said when i tried to explain that concept to him.
i moved to the second row when Abdulkareem began his designated part of the incitement, he talked to us as if we were his family, i saw the world in his eyes as it was swaying in his mind in pendulum with his exhortations, you’d expect a man with such homage and kindness to turn obsolescent by the scrutiny of our country, to be a man of shaky limbs and sweaty forehead, yet i saw only strength in him.
at the end of the day, in fifteen minutes Ossama, Ayoub and me managed to talk about everything, from books to politics to hamburgers, Ossama is the kind of friend who was so generous that you start recommending him to cut down on such benevolence, Ayoub is an English teacher, the steadiness and solemness that came with the job gave him off, the way chalk residues would give a Professor off. they both had a rejuvenating brightness that sure was impregnable to time.

when i woke up that day, i never expected to see such queer mix of personalities in one hall.
Hall number four!


Author: malak94abouras

i never asked to love the words, they have loved me and i have then fallen

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