Re-enter your future

sometime and if your lucky enough, you’ll be able to see the future of someone glowing through their face the way the sun glows through fallen drops of rain after a long winter night, in that exact moment i was able to seize all the pain and suffering, all those big mess ups shrinks little, clearing the dusty road for me to see what’s coming.

UOT, the entry gardens.
UOT, the entry gardens.

early morning at the medical school, i was standing in front of a photocopy shop, waiting for my sister to grab some lecture notes and sample questions, it was a calm day, the halls filled with the scent of freshly moaned grass and watered soil, and course the puffy eyed men that hadn’t had the chance to get some coffee yet, i don’t know why they even drink it, it never really drew a smile on their faces, you think they are competing for the most grumpy sandwich guy of the year, well i don’t blame them they work at the cafeteria preparing sandwiches and refreshments for even grumpier students all day. for a moment there i saw her future glowing – doctor to be – through her shiny face i could still see her scars, wounded by the continuous failure of university to deliver anything but scrutiny, blocking my mind from the outer environment annihilating  all foreign movements, smells and sound, i focused on that one thought, on her glowing face, i lost my sense of perception so i can get a sense of hers, she smiles and says thank you to the man at the shop as he handed her the papers, i wanted to say something to her about what’s going on my mind, i wanted to let her know that her smile holds the mystery to this world, her smile is what stands between us and extinction, for a pure smile to be drawn on the blackest of canvas, is of courage to thrust through the most malevolent of acts.

i walked her to the library and we separated as i continued my way to pharmacy school, still floating in my own sea of thoughts, the sun shone so strong you’d feel like it’s pushing you backward with each step you make forward, i felt hopeful again for i may not yet see my future as i saw my sister’s but now i know it’s there, my future is secure, i am safe.


Author: malak94abouras

i never asked to love the words, they have loved me and i have then fallen

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