The Quantum theory and so on..

space and time are definitive

the events sequined by our actions follows through and are infinitive, stuck in between space and time.

what we do today at ten PM could change what we are at the same time tomorrow, again time and space are definitive you can’t deny them, and you can’t specify a way of living them , yet you can specify  your future by the way you live your present.


isn’t the future a property of time and space? is the future definitive too?  how can we change the future if it’s constant in space and time, but it’s true our actions today are the outcomes of tomorrow, if so! then WE must be the future and thus WE are space and time.

if we don’t exist will time and space still exist? or do all of this disappear? we can’t be sure, because all of this world with it’s facts, science, quantum and all of the traffic and jam of the daily life all of that exist in our minds, if we disappear how would we know that all of this won’t!
if you start seeing your life in the eyes of the universe, you realize the spec of time and space you occupy, a tiny piece of a bigger image that of most organization, like a big embroidery on the ceiling of a fancy palace, still though a change even as tiny as it seems could pilfer the enchantment of our universe.

your a big piece yet your a tiny one!, not at all confusing, it solely and entirely depends on your perspective ( if you stay focused on that piece and that piece only all you see is merely that, you’l start feeling the importance of the space you fill, when you think of how your absence effect the other pieces, once you think of that, everything becomes shadowed and of less importance on it’s own.

One day, fifteen years from now or so, you’ll hear of someone you loved back in the past, getting married, having a child, suffering from an illness or even dead! it doesn’t really matter, because either way whether is a good or bad news, everything will feel parallel, and space will be void, and all you’ll be left with is the memories that somehow finds it’s way filling the void.

each of us takes a different path and with time we are rendered astray from our initial purpose, this is where the people in your life fits in, to hold your hand and set you back on track, those who observe us with care have a better view of who we have become and where we are heading.


Two Am ; can’t sleep, orbitals and galaxies on my room’s ceiling, a chase of memories escape through those galaxies with every time i shut my eyes in pursue of sleep, words of space and time keeps running,

maybe this is all the night’s doings but still the Question: what are we of all of this? remains…



Author: malak94abouras

i never asked to love the words, they have loved me and i have then fallen

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